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Data Migration

There are numerous reasons that an enterprise may need data migration. Few of them are New or increased regulatory requirements, New business process introduction, Operational needs, Company mergers and acquisitions, Old system upgrades. Data migration is one of the most complex, risky and time-consuming projects for any company.

We are here to understand your needs and work effectively for migrating your data. This process should be properly planned, managed and executed by experienced members. Cignes has extensive experience in executing data migration projects for several companies. Our data migration process involves the following phases:

Data Migration
This is the discovery, review and documenting of the legacy data stores.
This is the opportunity to identify internal gaps between the source and target systems and to understand what business critical is.
This will identify what form the Migration will take. This will identify the Extract, Transform and Load phase.
The goal of the extraction phase is to convert the data into a single format which is appropriate for the transformation processing.
The transform stage applies a series of rules or functions to allow the extracted data load into the end target. Data cleansing and data enrichment can also take place at this stage
The load phase inputs the data into the end target database. This may overwrite existing data with cumulative information. Updating can be done live, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
Once the data has been imported, to make sure that it’s all working as it should, we carry out a full testing, debugging and handover routines.
Application Migration

Application Migration

Cignes assists all types of enterprises to scale-up to newer technologies using a viable application migration approach. Our methodologies are designed, utilizing our experience gained after migrating several complex and mission-critical applications to newer and sophisticated platforms. Our application migration services ensure that migration to latest technology occurs smoothly and efficiently.

At Cignes, we follow a well-developed approach for application migration.

Before initiating application migration we thoroughly assess your existing application to ensure that all major aspects are studied and analysed.
Defining plays important role in selecting deploying of new platform for your application.
Being the core objective of the process, during Migration we help in overcoming technical challenges and perform required migration steps.
At this final stage, Cignes configures your new system and implement it to meet its standards.

Application Maintenance

Application managing maintenance is an important element in enhancing the working of an application. At Cignes, we provide a long term, cost-effective application maintenance services to help our customers maintain their applications most efficiently and effectively. Applications should be well maintained over time. We provide improved user experience, faster availability of new features. Our services will significantly reduce maintenance costs and increase performance of application.

Application Maintenance
System Integration

System Integration

It is the process of bringing together systems and subsystems into one system ensuring that the subsystems are able to function together as a single system. Cignes helps you incorporate audio, video files, software applications, and databases into your software effectively.