Cignes eCampus

Cignes eCampus is an end to end smart school / college / institute management system that facilitates the management of school’s academic processes , student data management , office management including payroll, accounts and library. The advanced features in the system, enables school to use and operate many of integrated interrelated modules, manage the administration, and communication between all the concerned in the school efficiently.

Benefits to Management:

Using Cignes eCampus, school management has a systematic and easy approach towards maintaining and updating the different aspects of their institute.

School administrative staff can reap several benefits from Cignes eCampus campus management system, some of which are as follows:

  • Provides world class experience
  • End to end automation of all operations
  • Centralized data repository for trouble-free data access
  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data
  • Customized dashboard for all roles i.e., Admin, Accountant, Librarian, Parent, Student, etc.
  • Integration with RFID for tracking the school bus
  • Digital notice board for the school
  • Fully digitalized Student Circular / Announcement workflow
  • Paperless daily homework/assignment distribution
  • Mobile App for Parents to track their ward
  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students
  • Cost-effective one point solution for total school management
  • DescLibrary
  • DescSMS Communication
  • DescTransportation
  • DescDashboard
  • DescEducational Certification
  • DescStudent Financing
  • DescStudent Activities Management
  • DescInventory